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Thursday 20 April 2017
24 Hours of Nürburgring

This weekend CanAm VRL will once again field a team in an iRacing Endurance Event.

This time, the challenge will be "The Green Hell".


We will be fielding a single car entry in the form of the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car. Our livery has been revised a bit by our very own ChillPhil1986 (thnaks for the work Phil).

CanAm VRL 1a.png

CanAm VRL 1b.png

Drivers for this weekend will be:

  • Adrian Refsnes (dabbowabbo)
  • Joseph Nelson (Ozzie123)
  • Phillip Lombard (ChillPhil1986)
  • Ian Pretorius (Animera)

Once again, I will not be getting ANY sleep this weekend as I serve as Team Manager/Crew Chief for the full 24 hours.

As always, I will be live streaming on the official CanAm YouTube channel, which you can get to from the Follow Us menu at the top of this page.

Pre-Race begins at 09:00 AM EDT (13:00 GMT) on Saturday, April 22nd.

Make sure to tune in and support your league members!!

Submitted by F1_Racer68
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Posted by F1_Racer68 on Thursday 20 April 2017 - 22:46:38 | Add/Read Comments: 1
Monday 13 March 2017
12 Hours of Sebring - Results

What an amazing race CanAm VRL had at this year's 12 Hours of Sebring.

The team entered a 2 car effort again for this event, and thank to some advanced planning, we manage to again have both cars in the same "split". For those not familiar with iRacing, they run several different servers/lobbies simultaneously for each event and "split" the drivers/teams among those lobbies based on their iRating. This ensures that drivers of similar skill levels are placed together (in theory). With this knowledge, we were able to plan our driver line-ups to ensure both cars were in the same split, and therefore racing together in the same lobby.

Ian (Robert) Rattray, aka Drizute started the car for CanAm VRL #1 and Joseph Nelson, aka Ozzie123, started the car for CanAm VRL #2.

Unfortunately, due to a logistical error when registering the teams for the event, Ozzie's qualifying time was not counted correctly and we were therefore forced to start towards the rear, specifically 53rd out of 57.

Drizute meanwhile started in 18th place.

While Drizute was forced to deal with relatively good drivers on his opening stint, and therefore didn't make much forward progress in the early stages, Ozzie benefited from starting near the rear and being able to avoid much of the mid pack chaos. This allowed him to make an incredible surge towards the front that saw him relenquish the car with only a minor dent to Philip Lombard, aka ChillPhil86, in 11th place after 2 hours of precise driving!

Steady and consistent driving by Drizute, Jospeh Daniels (Power), Mike Voss (WIRKensethFan/VisionX) and Jason Rabe (Kaladin) eventually moved the CanAm VRL #1 car as high as 2nd. Once there, this car remaind in the top 5 for most of the race, and spent many hours in a potential podium position.

In the final hours of the race, we actually managed to have the cars running in 3rd and 4th a mere 8 seconds apart!! After 10.5 hours of racing!!


With just 10 minutes left in the race Ian Pretorious (Animera) managed to overtake Jason Rabe (Kaladin) placing the CanAm VRL#2 car ahead of the CanAm VRL #1 for the first time during the race. The cars were now running in 4th and 5th. Unfortunately shortly after this, while negotiating lapped traffic, Kaladin made contact with a back marker approaching the final corner. This resulted in significant damage forcing him to pit for repairs. He was able to rejoin the race and had only lost one place.

In the end, both cars finished in the top 10, with Ozzie123 having been the race's "Hard Charger", by going from 53rd to 11th in only 2 hours. In fact, he went from 53rd to 26th in the first hour alone.

ChillPhil86 earned our "Move of the Race" award by threading the needle between several back markers on the front straight. It was a bold, aggressive move, but well worth the risk as we were in the top 5 at that point and gaining on the car ahead.

In the end CanAm VRL #1, which consisted of Drizute, Power, VisionX and Kaladin finished 6th having started 18th.

CanAm VRL #2, which was driven by Ozzie123, ChillPhil86 and Animera, finished 4th having started 53rd.

I cannot express enough the pride I feel in the job these 2 teams did. They drove smooth and consistent laps and kept the cars in almost spotless condition. Yes, there were a few dents and dings from getting caught up in other drivers mistakes, but aside from the few minutes team #1 had to spend in the last 9 minutes of the race, there was no time spent on pitlane for repairs (unlike our run at Daytona). All 7 drivers did an amazing job and represented this league incredibly well.

Thank you all for your efforts and support.

Replays of the race for both cars are available on the YouTube channels which can be accessed from the Follow Us menu at the top of this page.

Sign up page has been created for the next event, which is the 24 Hours fo Nürburgring on April 22nd - 23rd. Anyone interested is asked to sign up early.

Submitted by F1_Racer68
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Posted by F1_Racer68 on Monday 13 March 2017 - 10:47:05 | Add/Read Comments: 0
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