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Technical Regulations

Technical Regulations
Season 10 (2016)

Season 10 will be contested as a Single Make season using the 1991 Acura NSX LM RACECAR with stage 3 engine and full tune. In the interest of competition, the CanAm VRL Panel has limited the car selection to five specific models. Cars will be also be limited to a maximum HP and minimum KG.

Further, in the interest of competition, the Can Am VRL panel reserves the right to make additional adjustments to the Maximum HP throughout the first half of the season. Adjustments can be made if specific cars are deemed to be at a definite advantage or disadvantage. This will only apply if there is a clear advantage to specific model of car and is not designed nor intended to limit, control or compensate for individual driver ability. All Performance limits (Maximum HP and Minimum KG) will be set and fixed from race 9 onwards, meaning that from race 9 onwards no further adjustments will take place.

This page outlines the specific Technical Regulations for the class.


This class will consist of a single make and model class as follows:

  • 1991 Acura NSX LM RACECAR
    • Stage 3 Engine Tuning upgrade
A panel member will perform scrutineering prior to the start of each Qualifying session to ensure each car is at the correct HP and KG as defined by the above specifications, and in the case of the Minimum KG, that the car is carrying the correct amount of Success Ballast awarded to that driver.

General Regulations

Team members are required to run the same color schemes. Teams are allowed to have reverse color schemes among the team, for example one car can be red with white wheels and the teammate car can be white with red wheels. Once a team has made a color scheme choice, this color combination should be used for the duration of the season. Any questions regarding these regulations should be directed to the League Panel members.

Success Ballast

Our main goal with this series is to have fun, and for most of us the fun comes from close quarters racing. Success Ballast has been widely used in many top level professional racing series such as British Touring Car Championship, Super GT, FIA GT Championship and DTM in order to prevent any one team/driver/manufacturer from dominating the series. The process for the Success Ballast will be as follows:
  • Race winner receives 25KG added to car for next race
  • Second Place finisher receives 20KG added for next race
  • Third place finisher receives 15KG added for next race
  • Consecutive podium finishes will result in addition of the appropriate weight up to the maximum of 200KG
  • Any driver that is carrying Success Ballast will have 15KG removed after each non-podium finish.

The above weights and rules will be monitored over the first half of the season and may be adjusted in order to achieve the proper balance. As with the Performance adjustments, no changes will be made to the Success Ballast regulations following the start of race 9. This rule is not intended to penalize any drivers for their success, but is intended to maintain close competition and provide a level of unpredictability in race outcomes.


Along with the Drivers Championship, we also have a Team Championship. Drivers are not required to be part of a team, however any drivers who do decide to form a team must all use the same model of car. As noted in the General Regulations, all team members are required to use the same color combinations for all cars, although individual drivers are permitted to reverse the combination.

Car Change Penalties

Once a team has selected a car they are committed to that car for the entire season. Teams can change cars at any time prior to the first race of the season without restriction, however once the first formal practice session for the first event of the season has started any car changes will result in an individual driver points penalty. Penalties will be as follows:
  • All drivers on the team must make the switch to the new car as all team members must run the same model of car.
  • Each driver will receive a 10 point Driver's Points penalty.
  • Points penalty will apply to Drivers Standings only and not Team Points earned.

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